Iboro William

16 May, 2019 at 9:28 am

Why I paused Activities on mekamall.com, and how I now receive multiple Credit Alerts Daily - May 16, 2019.

If you haven\'t followed my activities lately, you are definitely surprise to hear this.

Many have asked \"Why pause activities on a Portal that made you steady extra income?\"

Mekamall.com, an Online Store came onboard in the wake of 2017, and has thereafter continued to live. Just like any \"manual labour\", the stress of running mekamall.com was exhausting despite working as a team.

We built our income stream and ensured the alerts kept coming, but there was a problem. Manual Labour was our only bait for continuous credit alert.

So I thought to myself if there are ways one can keep receiving steady Bank Alerts even when he is sleeping. I did a lot of research online, and kept bumping on the same recycled junks; from ponzi schemes to spam survey sites. The better option was referral program that pays only once, but who has that time?

In my endless search for a legit means of earning steady cash from the internet without doing any manual labour, I discovered top secrets Mark Zuckerberg would never spill out. If you\'re okay with your current income level, good; stop here, then exit your browser. But if you desire to earn steady passive income from the internet without doing any manual labour, keep reading.

As much as there is no defined order in knowledge, I won\'t attach any order to the ideas I will share below; they can come in any form - ascending or descending. Most of the ideas I will share do not need any startup capital. You can begin with ZERO INVESTMENT.

Learn my Secrets here: https://buff.ly/2Ede7wV

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